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A Station for the Jewelleries to pool their gold schemes to attract users digitally.

Goldzin is an app developed by Zinfog Codelabs Private Ltd that showcase the gold schemes of jewellery Stores available for users that are ready to subscribe at different price ranges. The users can plan according to their unique income strategies and also check out the trending jewellery items of the jewellery stores that can be grabbed before it goes out of the fashion line. The users are getting an opportunity to visualize all the beneficial schemes of the jewellery. At the same time, The users can go to the websites of the Jewellery to know the latest offers and prices.

Features of Goldzin App

All your Gold Schemes at One Place for your users to access.

Gold Schemes of the Jewellery

The Gold schemes of the jewellery will be showcased for the users to avail with all the details. The users can subscribe according to their income strategies and convenience

Insights of users at fingertip

The admins of the Jewellery can easily avail all the insights of the users which will help them to calculate and plan better. It also make room for better CRM

Integration Of jewellery Stores

The App is integrated with the websites of the jewellery Stores. The users can get redirected to the jewellery's website and check out the items.

Benefits to the jewellery Stores.

The Main objective of the app is to Showcase the best Gold schemes of the jewellery store to the users for them to avail and subscribe. This will help the users to choose the appropriate gold schemes according to their price range and income strategies. The Jewellery owners can add their existing users into the app which will ease the work of users as well. On the other hand, the better insights taken will help in CRM.

  • Introduce their Gold Schemes to the customers.
  • Get real-time insights on the users actions.
  • Revenue generation from users via App.
  • Integrating jewellery website and having more traffic.
  • More Exposure within the customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Schemes are an extra income line that will benefit you during the long run in monetary terms. This will help you to build an income strategy. Since you are to invest a sum of amount every month, at the end of the year, the schemes offer you a great profit. Hurray! You are earning some extra bucks. Save it for your retirement plans!

The App is integrated with the websites of the jewellery Stores. The users can get redirected to the jewellery's website and check out the items as well as exciting offers.

The jewellery stores have different benefits while showcasing their best gold scheme to the users. New Customers will be attracted to their existing gold schemes simultaneously. The jewellery will get real time insights on the actions of the users and will also build traffic to their website. They are getting a different exposure open to many opportunities.

Yes, Its very simple. Firstly, You need to have a strategy on your income and decide the maximum you can invest every month. Later, You need to browse through the different gold schemes available and understand the best rate of return on investment. Choose the schemes that are most appropriate for you and enjoy the sum of profit. Happy Gold Scheming.

The App is available on both Playstore and Apple store.